I'm Cory from Perth, Western Australia; one of the most isolated cities on the planet.

Linux and programming scripting languages has been a hobby of mine for nearly 20 years. Stamp collecting from various topics and nations keeps me busy as do small projects on single board computers such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Something had to change...

The web's algorithms have become increasingly noxious, facilitating nastiness, vapidness and being dicks to each other, all in the name of engagement. We've grown discontent and jaded with the web over the years, it has become a bloated cesspit of anger and fabricated images.

What I enjoy about Gemini is that it resembles earlier days on the internet, when it was fun, interesting and a nice place to spend time. Life moves a little slower and that is a great concept to embrace.

Now I've created a Gemini space, I hope to learn more and pass on my knowledge to others.

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How to SSH and edit your .gmi files on the Command Line

How to get syntax highlighting in nano for .gmi files

Why has Gemini made me happier and suits my personallity?

How to use Hunspell to spell check in the terminal

How to restore your sanity in Firefox 89 (super big tabs)


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