Why has Gemini made me happier and suits my personallity?

I like structure, uniformity and functionality; Gemini ticks all those boxes for me.

On websites, reddit for example; I liked to interact with others on topics that interest me, but the new format looked horrible and every subreddit potentialy looking different did my head in.

I like uniformity, as soon as I found out about old.reddit.com I defaulted to that. One other problem remained, lots of subreddits had their own look and feel and elements on the page were not consistant, so I would disable on every single subreddit; 'use subreddit style'; NO THANKS.

So that solved the problem for ONE WEBSITE!, how about the other 50 billion?

Even though websites have kinda become uniform over the decades, you can still give you a headache by looking for something so obvious that is hidden away in some obscure menu.

The toxic nature of the web, over commercialization and homogenization of everyone's 'content' ultimatley drove me away, but the useablilty issues were a close second.

That was the long story, here is the TLDR.

Gemini has a rigid structure compared to the web and I love that. I like things staying the same, I don't like change. Gemini and I are getting along swimmingly and I am firing up the web far less everyday.

My aim is to use the web for what it is great at, online banking, some shopping here and there etc. Each day I'm finding more applications that replace sites on the web such as:




I will keep this post updated as I find more applications; GUI or CLI that minimize my exposure to our common enemy; the WWW.